No Odor, No Smoke, No Visible Flame

Alberta Welltest Incinerators (AWI) provides industry leading incineration technology that is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of oil and gas related completion / flowback flaring.

Designed specifically for well completion applications, the AWI solution is the most efficient and effective on the market. It is the only incineration equipment in the industry specifically designed for well completions and flowback applications. AWI's low-emission burner technology provides a significant edge over conventional flares and enclosed flaring equipment, along with competitive rental rates, 24 hour service and emphasis on client satisfaction.

The standard AWI unit is designed to meet AER Directive 060 Guidelines and well suited to flow rates ranging from approximately 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 SCFD depending upon the composition and BTU value of the gas being incinerated. AWI also offers a "Low Flow" trailer mounted design for sweet gas flow rates below 1,000,000 SCFD.

The AWI Advantage

Our goal is to provide affordable solutions to solve waste gas emission problems and to reduce the impact of flowback operations on our environment. We offer short and long term rental rates, multiple unit discounts and our commitment to provide a solution for the specific requirements of each application.

Competitive Rental Rates available upon request. Contact us 1-888-778-0960 or [email protected]

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