High Flow

High Flow

Well Tested. Nature Approved.

Using a combustion chamber with four-inch ceramic fiber insulated modules, AWI is able to improve combustion and high internal temperature retention as well as prevent the ongoing concern of noise pollution. The automated air control configuration provides complete temperature-based control of forced primary and secondary air delivery. The AWI burner system provides optimum fuel and air mixing energy ensuring industry leading combustion efficiencies. The AWI incinerator runs quietly and efficiently, emitting no odor, no smoke, no visible flame and no heat radiation.

Features include:

  • Designed combustion efficiencies over 99%
  • Ceramic fiber lined combustion chamber to maintain high incineration temperatures, and eliminate radiant heat
  • Patented forced draft multi point vortex burner
  • Automatic dual continuous ignition pilot systems AER Directive 060 compliant
  • Continuous temperature measurement with real time display
  • Fully automated forced combustion air delivery system ensuring high exit velocities and dramatically enhanced emissions
  • Integral liquid trap for removal of any possible free liquids or carryover from the separator, helping to eliminate environmental spills and concerns


Competitive Rental Rates Available Upon Request.  Contact us at 1-888-778-0960 or [email protected]

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